Hints'n'Tips: Android phone - Reading MS Office docs
Yes, you can view your Word, Excel etc documents on your Android phone!

Moving from an old (Windows Mobile 6) phone to a shiny new hTC Wildfire Android phone, I wanted maxiumum integration with MS Office. Although integration with the Outllok calendar is "elementary" (understatement), it is, at least possible to ready MS Office documents on the Wildfire. 

How? The Wildfire comes with an app called Quickoffice already installed - just go to click on the "+" button on the home screen, select "App" , and scroll down to find QuickOffice.

It seems to work with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files.

My version looks to be read-only, and whilst it's not a perfect representation as you'd see it on your laptop, it does give the ability to consult information files, see presentations, etc.

 If you'd like to know more, or have any comments on this tip, phone or email - details above.